Predictably Random Observations: Episode 21

~~> Wooee! The race between Collapse and the Great Reset is rapidly intensifying. So much going on making it more difficult than ever to keep up. Stay informed.

Feels like a quickening.

While the encouraging signs are far and few between, there are signs that the censorship firewall is cracking.

Yes, Fauci the Fraud is still standing. But his credibility has taken a big hit. Will that blow be fatal? Based on his illustrious history, we can only hope that he is removed post haste. Fortunately, media awareness of the Covid Hoax and Heist is creeping into the mainstream.

Imagine how difficult it will be for honest journalists, scientists, elected officials and unattentive citizens to admit that they have been deadly wrong about all things CV-19 and vaccines. BigPharm is a business that has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with sustainable sickness assured by the perpetual deployment of vaccines.

Vaccines that create patients for profit.

~~> David Icke Nails it Again. As regards the rise of totalitarianism in full view of the fear junkies, “In the end, you will ask for something that will kill you.”

~~> Physicians Not Getting Vaccinated? Saw a poll taken by one the national medical associations that was not the AMA that found that about 60% of the docs were experiencing “vaccine hesitancy” — another nifty behavioral ploy like poke and jab to implant another novel concept in the mindscape — as they wait and see how the new high tech genetic therapies / “vaccines” perform. Apparently, these docs are not real keen about being guinea pigs for BigPharma.

Meanwhile, the sheeple are no longer content to be corralled outside the slaughterhouse, they are now rushing to get inside and trying to take those of us who refuse to be lab rats with them.

~~> The Unvaccinated as the Experiment’s Officially Unwanted Control Group for the Grand Experiment. Every good science experiment needs a group of people who represent the status quo before introduction of a new medical product. This control group provides a necessary baseline against which the safety and efficacy of the new drug can be evaluated.

Oddly, Dr Fauci, as defacto leader of the virus-only approach to both the public health emergency and the rush to mass vaccination as the only solution, would rather not have a control group. Mr Science has become the epitome of anti-science.

But that doesn’t seem to bother him. He has Hollywood on his side.

~~> The Official Lies and Lying are Highly Contagious. Really, what we are seeing most profoundly is the power of a controlled narrative to totally bamboozle the full spectrum of human intelligence. Which suggests that there is more to this story than exaggerated risk, intentionally neglected / undisciplined data-collection — which during an emergency authorization of the introduction of a completely new vaccine technology with a dismal record of development failures is highly suspect, therefore my use of the word :intentional” — and adjusted definitions of key public health terms like “case”, and the manipulation of data collection procedures to make vaccine performance look better than it really is.

Scientists from a broad reach of fields and expertise who are being prevented from contributing to an open scientific process, which is itself being prevented, are dumbfounded by how so many of their colleagues have not only fallen prey to the trance, but who are actively engaged in promoting the trance by attacking those who have evidence that counters the official, orthodox narrative.

The shift into authoritarianism that activists have been victimized by on the streets and in academia, is no less prevalent in all things having to do with resistance to the accelerated push to adapt the Chinese Communist Party approach to population control.

~~> Neither Covid, Climate or Supply Chain are Enough to Incite Urgency. After the Senate decided that a full investigation into the source of SARS-CoV-2 was needed, the House said, “No way.” WTF.

Now is not the time to allow concern for intelligence secrets to prevent us from understanding what we are up against insofar as this “virus” is concerned.

Something much bigger / more comprehensive than this over-exaggerated pandemic is underway. The degree of censorship underway with overtly biased “fact checkers” controlling the social media spin, is the telltale that all is not what it appears.

For 9/11 truthers, the CV-19 scenario looks and smells to much like the official narrative that deflected from the still hidden truth about what unfolded leading up to and during that day. Our federal government failed to fulfill its constitutional duty then and it is clearly doing the same thing now.

And the biggest beneficiary of the federal sleight of hand is BigPharma and Big$$.

Meanwhile, the Great Cull is picking up steam.

~~> Are You Beginning to Understand the Resistance to Gun Controls? As the Corporate Status Quo Democratic Party focuses on amplifying the political divide between citizens, those same citizens are coming together as they see the threat to everything the US Constitution once guaranteed. Instead of Trump inflaming the tensions, now we have whoever is propping up Biden, who clearly puts the BigPharma drug pushing felons ahead of the citizens his presidency is supposed to serve and protect.

All of this looks and feels like it is leading us to a civil war that will only benefit the 1%. Will the people erupt before the 5G checkmate?

~~> Inconvenient Science vs the Pandemic Viral Industrial Complex. High level medical peeps who have participated at the federal level during previous infectious diseases, are wondering out loud why the usual procedures for tracking infectious disease have been abandoned during CV-19. Where is the regulatory committee that looks at the incoming data to determine whether a new vaccine still in its experimental phase should continue or be terminated?

Somebody in the NIH and CDC either failed to remember or deliberately abandoned the protocol to assure that prying minds would not see what is really going on behind the scenes.

Look no further than the FDA which on behalf of the chemical and biotech industry promotes synthetic biology as superior to naturally organic and promotes agrichemical farming, all of which synergistically lead to systemic toxicity which leads to more disease.

~~> The Hypnotic Trigger Word for CV-19. What is the word that put so many people, even doctors and medical researchers and academics in a hypnotic trance? Somebody says, “VACCINE!” and the masses beg to be vaccinated, no questions asked. We have been so conditioned by the snake oil sales pitch over the course of our lives, that the idea of questioning vaccinations does not even occur to us.

What other ways have we been rendered unconscious?

~~> The Great Reset and the New Normal. Strategically, the goal is to destroy the status quo to move the status quo. “Every crisis creates and opportunity” best taken advantage of by those who are prepared. The Great Reset was planned by some of the world’s most powerful people as preparation for an advantageous crisis. To help that process along, those same people got together at least twice to “train” for the CV-19 scenario.


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A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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