Global ecological collapse is not an isolated event.

Economics 101 and Ecological Collapse - Resilience

Nor is it a B movie with shirtless ex-jocks with abdominal six-packs tho in its own way, collapse has an element of death porn.

Global ecological collapse IS an all-encompassing, slowly moving, kill shot. Everything that occurs during collapse, now arguably 40 years beyond the point of no return, is a “symptom” of the overly stressed and degenerating Earthian Ecosystem status quo.

Heaven’s ICUs are about to spillover with new requests for entry into the Promised Land.

Don’t have a cross, swastika, or puncture-wound branded on your soul or psyche?

Sorry, no can enter.


There is a place that will take you. Warm little cages and all the food yer allowed to eat.

It’s called New Normal, which in the modern English vernacular means Hell.

Oops! Not supposed to capitalize hell cuz that somehow endows it with as much supernatural relevance as Heaven <~~> heaven. And we don’t wanna be complicit in that bit of death hesitancy.

Global ecological collapse spells ZERO HUMAN HABITAT.

As in nowhere to live.

Extinction Rebellion has been pretty clear about this.

Silver lining?

We can finally put to rest the question of the tree falling in the forest.

Thatz about it.

Meanwhile, not everybody on the runway is playing dead. Oh, it is clear, that the masses are pretty much content living in metropolitan Denial a place not unlike one of those massive oceanic dead skuz zones at the very bottom of shit runs downhill.

Path of least resistance.

Aint science wonderful?!

And I didn’t believe in zombies. WTF

The outstanding – in contrast to upstanding – virtue of zombies in metropolitan Denial is obedience.

Trust without question.

Surrender to the fact checker in chief!  

Complicit and culpable.

In fact, all of the people in metropolitan Denial wear colorful unisex burkhas displaying the inspiring woke mantra ~~> Obey Here Now.

(Note: apparently, there was much heated politically correct discussion about whether to include one, three or zero ethnolinguistically significant exclamation points and where to put them: on the left or right side of the dogmatic equation.)

And then, the most cosmically miraculous thing happened.

Order was enhanced when the filthy rich used their zombie-scientists to “discover”, wink wink, a venomous virus designed to corral metropolitan Denial without the expense of a wall.

Every zombie scurried home to their venomous virus incubators.

Oh joy! More family time. Recess.

It was so much like Black Friday when the Zombie-gods promised a venomous virus antidote to those who stayed away, wore their burkhas,  and diligently washed their hands before picking their noses.

Obedience R Us.

The rush to be saved was tsunamic.

And the rest of the story will soon be history.


In case you missed it, ZERO HUMAN HABITAT is code for no home, no food, no water <~~> too much water, no breathable air…

No time.

We are and have been outta time for quite some time.

Mother Earth tried to warn us at least as far back as the sixties. Intensified that warning in the 80s. And the shout from people who pay close attention to such things has been amplified by the anguish of lives already lost in the chaotic weather events being driven by a global climate that has lost itz frickin mind.

Not only are the “hot spots” growing in number, they are also growing in size. Whole ethnic regions are being swallowed up by drought alternating with soil-scouring rain that comes so quick the soils cannot absorb before all that soil and water adds itself to the oceanic scuz.

And the high testosterone types keep blowing the shit out of anything and everything that is not them.

Now, word that Mother Ecosystem has been cutting back our sperm rations at least as far back as the 1950s, a dystopian era for people with not-white skins once referred to by people with white skins as The Good Old Daze.

YIKES! Are condoms as overused and as useless as face masks?Damn!

Remember the old prophesy ~~> The Cubs will win the World Series when hell freezes over? Since the Cubbies won the WS in 2016, are we now experiencing a cosmic paradox in which a frozen hell is really the Great Meltdown?

Can it be true that Mother Nature does not consider the human species, even the mutant zombie strain, as special as we like to think of ourselves?

Or is it that because we as a species, led by greedy sonsabitches, are most comfortable shitting in our own nest?

That we have surrendered our perceptually privileged position in the hierarchy of intelligent beings?

Thereby deserving a relatively swift flush to send us along the shit flows downhill interstate to the dead scuz zones where over the course of the next millennia, bacteria, yeasts, viruses and all sorts of other germs we have tried to eliminate will put us in our proper place?

Sun-dried dust to sun-dried dust.

Ah, but the carbon that will be saved by our sacrifice.

And thatz not all!

Have you, too, noticed that itz not just the climate thatz gone insane?

No surprise that Global Ecological Collapse that impacts the everything is connected morass also includes epidemics, pandemics, plandemics, casedemics and scamdemics … political corruption, medical corruption, corporate corruption, and an uncontrollable desire to blow up people with exotically high tech toys.

We are addicted to the belief that humans are soooo advanced and sooo superior to Nature itself that we can outsmart our own Nature-designed self-protective human immune systems. We are, of course, all-Nature and thereby governed by the LAWS OF NATURE, despite all attempts to overthrow her rule.

Rather than allow the ecosystem aka Nature in her omnipresent wisdom cull the human hoard – ahem, herd – as she sees fit, for some reason the zombie herd prefers to defer population control to the ostentatiously greedy bizness types who know how to make a buck.

Does this have something to do with the snake?

Do you, too, find it weird that the zombies of metropolitan Denial are so quick to obey rich misguided sociopathic felons selling the same old snake oil with attractive modernized labels?

Remember! Image is everything.

While at the same time so totally anti-truth and anti-science (even tho they nod when someone hollers “Trust science!”) and anti-Nature?

Try this on for size ~~> zombies are anti-naturers / anti-naturers are zombies.

I guess that just goes to show that the SNAKE OIL is potent stuff.

Sadly, as part of COLLAPSE, zombie-obedience is going to complicitly kill truth and truthers, too.

Those damn deniers

Will Ma Nature intervene on all our behalf?

Will the filthy rich and their slaves be the only two human strains to survive the Great Cull?

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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