Covid-19 (stream of consciousness) summary

Comment: Covid conspiracy theory - Press Office - Newcastle University
  • Definition of “CASES” for CV-19 was redefined. No longer meant hospital cases or symptomatic infection. Instead, cases were defined as “positive test results” whether symptomatic or not as determined by a positive PCR test.
    • In some states and counties, in the absence of PCR test kits, “cases” were declared based on a growing number of “symptoms” such as fever, dry cough, headache, etc, all common symptoms that can be applied to a myriad of diseases including common cold, common flu, pneumonia, etc.
  • PCR testing procedures were not standardized nor were they applied in a disciplined manner in all labs. The tests themselves, according to their inventor, were not designed to diagnose disease so were inappropriately used for CV-19 field testing.
    • Most notably, up until the first vaccines were deployed, PCR tests were conducted at 35 ~ 45 cycles when anything 35 and above were known to provide erroneously high positive results ~~> estimates of “false positives” ranged from 10% to 80% of the total PCR test results
      • As the vaccine rollout began, the PCR test cycle protocols were lowered, thereby lowering the number of “cases” from PCR tests, thereby making the performance of the vaccines look much better than they actually were / are.
  • Casedemic / PCR-demic ~~>
    • As a result of the loose data collection procedures people who died in an auto accident (e.g.) were reportedly counted as CV-19 cases if they had a positive PCR result prior to the two months prior to death.
    • Large monetary incentives to declare death by CV-19, rather than a physician’s determination of death by any and all underlying conditions, were used to increase the counts. Hospital admins wanted / needed the money (to pay their CEO bonuses and stockholder dividends?) A Ohio(?) physician-state senator blew the whistle on this particular WTF, but that did not stop the state medical board from taking away his medical license, which he fought and did win.
  • Feardemic ~~> Initial estimates of the danger of the “virus” and the severity of the epidemic / disease were way higher (intentionally exaggerated?) than the actuality.
    • Initial estimates based on CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY narrative (propaganda???) about video-presented stories of the severity of the disease and CCP public health response, including “reports” of piles of bodies accumulating outside hospitals, etc etc.
      • Very little follow-up of the disease progression in China, which independent sources reported was pretty much gone after the draconian measures were employed (thereby encouraging communist public health strategies)
    • With government and NGO – Gates, WHO, Fauci, CDC, NIH et al — and a host of “provaccine” academics and corporate media, the exaggerations were promoted along with the CCP control strategies (quarantine of healthy people, a first in the West, and counter to accepted protocol prior to this pandemic
      • The difference between a standard diagnosis of death WITH covid and death BY covid were washed out of the data count thereby (intentionally?) making the CV-19 severity look much worse than it was / is
      • While the official narrative parroted by MSM was that hospitals were everywhere crowded, doctors, only a few urban hospitals experienced this while non-ICU nurses and support staff were being laid off.
        • In each of the cases of overcrowded hospitals, like one hospital in NYC-Brooklyn, patients were not moved to neighboring hospitals, but they were sent to nursing homes which tragically exacerbated the deaths
    • Masks, social distancing, lockdowns all instilled the notion that we need to fear each other
      • Ive personally noticed this which is primarily why I wear a mask when I wear a mask – to make others feel less fearful
      • June 15th, 2021, a story surfaced of a high school on the east coast labeling non-vaccinated kids and stopping after each dance to record who they were dancing with at a prom allegedly so that if anybody got infected after the dance, tracing could be employed based on those distinctions.
  • Public Heath Response ~~>
    • Rather than rely upon the scientifically established infectious disease protocols, Fauci as defacto leader of the US response, supported by the WHO (heavily dependent on China and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, after Trump withdrew US support)
    • Nothing other than a virus was ever considered as cause of the disease and nothing other than physical impacts was (openly) considered for public health protocol.
      • A holistic risk Assessment prior to implementation of policy strategy was never openly performed. Collateral damage due to ignoring the economic (job and small business…) impacts on mental health was not (openly) considered.
        • Deaths due to depressions and suicide, lack of access to treatments for other non-CV-19 health issues, etc etc etc have reportedly skyrocketed and the number of public violent outbursts has increased along with crime generally due to the extreme pressure brought on by extended lockdowns etc
    • A deadly mistake ~~> The original official treatment protocol – ventilators, ventilators, ventilators – killed about 80% of the people who were put on them.
    • At the onset, the narrative that was promoted was that SARS-CoV-2 was passed from a bat in a “wet market” in Wuhan, China, to a another animal in the market to a human, thereby defying all accumulated experience and knowledge about animal to human transmission.
      • Very little was said about the presence of a Class 1V infectious disease research lab in Wuhan; a lab that was doing “gain of function” research funded by Fauci’s agency (NIH) using bats to provide the virus materials
      • A bioweapon / gain of function lab at Fort Detrick(sp?) North Carolina by a UNC researcher et al was also being funded by Fauci’s agency
    • Nothing other than a Fauci-and/or-staff patented medication – Remdesivir – was considered for rapid deployment for treatment until a vaccine could be / would be deployed.
      • Anecdotal field / clinical reports of successes using hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, vitamin-D and C, etc were not only ignored based on “lack of scientific evidence” they were suppressed
      • DOUBLE STANDARD…even as Remdesivir had no robust scientific data to support its use and even though vaccine test protocols were being allowed to be rushed through the emergency authorization process without transparency or enough time to determine effectiveness or safety
    • While the provax community contends that we should and must “trust science”, science which is dependent on skepticism and falsifying evidence to evolve any and all theories, during CV-19 a science orthodoxy has promoted censoring any and all contrary scientific evidence and/or opinion. This is even occurring in places like Stanford, Oxford and other hig-rep institutions
    • Have you heard of The Great Barrington Resolution? Three internationally acclaimed professors of disease sciences who risked their reputations to tell the world that CV-19 public health policy was doing more harm than good. So far as I know, it has not been reported by corporate MSM.
    • Tax dollars being used to “sell” the vaccine to so-called “vaccine hesitant’ people even as celebrities like Hank Aaron and physicians, etc etc died shortly after / due to vaccination.
  • DATA
    • No scientific evidence that any of the CCP-type draconian protocols have had any impact on the disease progression curves.
      • Plenty of claims that masks and lockdowns work are based on circumstantial rather than actual evidence that can pass peer review
      • Curves typically showing diminishing deaths at or before implementation of public health rules (which is historically typical of all previous vaccines; infectious diseases have a pattern that defies intervention (Gompers curve)
    • Fluctuations in curves were generally predictable based on historically revealed patterns of disease progressions
      • If, for instance, an area had a light “flu season” the previous year, that area experienced a higher death rate during the epidemic phase of the curve and vice versa
      • Sweden was the “control group” you might say because they did not do forced lockdowns, relying instead on advising and trusting the public to assess the risks for themselves. They were also the target of Western MSM exaggeration and distortion despite a CNN visit during the height of the epidemic phase which showed Sweden cities with people conducting their lives much closer to normal
        • Only high schools and above were closed insofar as schools are concerned
    • Because of the lack of reliable CV-19 testing and data reporting procedures, excess all-cause death became the only reasonable way to assess the severity of the disease and/or effectiveness of public health procedures.
      • With very few exceptions, the overall number of deaths due to all causes (all-cause mortality) was not out of the range of “normal” seasonal or annual patterns. Fluctuations that were extraordinarily high during one or two months were lost in other down-turn fluctuations at other times.
        • Thereby showing that CV-19 was / is not anywhere near as bad as public health officials and media have made it out to be.
        • In hindsight, very much another flu season that we do not normally freak out about
    • Epidemic of ~~>
      • Erroneous case counts
      • Fear and fear mongering
      • Global vitamin D deficiency
      • Global zinc deficiency
      • Metabolic disease
      • Diabetes
      • Obesity
      • Heart disease
      • Underlying conditions aka co-morbidities
      • And a diseased and collapsing environment / human habitat
  • VACCINE-Nation
    • CV-19 epidemic was NOT due to a lack of vaccines or vaccinated people
    • As vaccines have been rolled-out, so-called virus “variants” have increased
    • Evidence is mounting that either the vaccines do not protect some people from future infections or that they do not protect anybody from future infections
      • So-called “breakthrough” cases are declared when a vaccinated person gets a positive PCR result. They are attached to a claim that breakthroughs are very rare without providing any data supporting those claims
    • QUESTION: Are the vaccines causing the variants?
    • Conflicts of interest is epidemic with people who promote the orthodox narrative about CV-19. The narrative, largely unsupported by hard scientific data, is more propaganda and marketing than it is factual.
      • At the macro level, everything about CV-19 looks like a well-orchestrated and well-financed business plan to completely capture a global market: compulsory vaccines
      • “They” are only able to get away with the distortion and outright lies because of censorship
  • VACCINE-Injury
    • VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – CDC’s inadequate way of gathering data that may or may not lead to stopping a vaccine rollout
    • There is as much lack of management and discipline in the collection of adverse effects of vaccinations as there is of case counting
    • VAERS reportedly in severe backlog. Regardless of the accuracy of the data, what data has been reported has largely not made it to the scoreboard.
      • Currently about 6000 deaths reported and over 100,000 lesser injuries
      • Expert studies have estimated that VAERS data represent between 1% and 10% of the actual total of vaccine injuries
    • The CDC’s official site allows anyone to report adverse reactions to vaccines while it does not require physicians to report said injuries.
      • Reports that many physicians etc do not know that the VAERS exists
      • Reports that physicians are resistant to diagnose and/or report injuries to vaccination (due to a fear of being declared anti-vax???)
  • VACCINE-Oversight
    • All regulatory entities have been captured by the vaccine industry (BigPharma)
      • Pharma is the leading donor to federal political campaigns
      • Pharma and Fauci’s agency are the lifeblood of academic and independent biology and virology labs. Toe the line or lose your funding
      • BigPharma provides staff for policy-level / admin level positions as well as advisory committee positions
    • In 1986, the US Congress passed legislation that protects vaccine manufacturers et al from liability for injuries.
      • The vaccine injury court that was set up to deal with injuries is a kangaroo style court that does not allow attorney compensation, allows an estimated 10% of all claims, and can take 10 years to get from claim to court decision.
      • Since the law was passed, the number of vaccines that are now being deployed on children has skyrocketed from about six to over 70 shots by age six
        • [need to double-check the total number of shots and the age]


  • SARS-CoV-2 is a product of “digital genomics” a “science” that uses computers to cut and paste genomic sequences into living organisms. This form of genetic engineering substitutes for “natural” viruses.
    • Like HIV and all other so-called “viruses” before SARS-CoV-2, no virus has been isolated in vitro or found to be active [may be wrong word] in an “infected” person
    • A computer finds a combination of gene proteins that can be inserted in a gene sequence. Essentially, the computer invents a “virus”. It does not “find” a virus.
    • A PCR test is programmed to “find” the same combination of gene proteins that was invented by the computer.
    • Vaccine researchers / developers have recently discovered that the spike protein which is being deployed by the vaccines to deliver the still unknown vaccine ingredients to the cells with instructions to produce more spike proteins to trigger the immune response are 1) disease antigens and not neutral vehicles and 2) are mobile within the body and not, as expected, staying around the vaccine injection site.
      • Spikes can cross the blood-brain barrier to damage the brain
      • Highest concentration of the spikes are being found in the spleen and ovaries
      • Spikes are released as virus-like packets of waste material from the vaccinated bodies into the air where they can “infect” both vaccinated and unvaccinated people
      • Evidence is growing that vaccinated people are the asymptomatic spreaders of SARS-CoV-2 and infectious junk exosomes
  • WARNING ~~> high level vaccine developers have called for halting the vaccine rollout due to evidence that the genetically engineered RNA and DNA altering vaccines have consequences not observed during the too short pre-authorization study period.
    • Consequences that the FDA knew about before giving emergency authorization
    • NOTE: Those vaccinated are the safety and efficacy test-subjects aka the guinea pigs and those who do not vaccinate are the control group. Apparently, no animal studies were conducted and only healthy / non-infected subjects were tested.
      • Previous attempts to develop mRNA vaccines over the past twenty years have failed and had to be stopped.
        • It seemed that the test vaccines using ferrets were successful until the ferrets came into contact with the next season’s wild virus. All of the ferrets died.
      • In mid June 2021, we are in a period during which infectious diseases do not spread or emerge. We wait, now, for arrival of the next flu season to see if we will experience a run-of-the-mill disease season or whether the vaccinated will experience major difficulties.
    • NOTE: Natural immunity is a steady seamless evolutionary process. As viruses evolve, contact with the viruses (Virome) evolves the immune systems. If effective, vaccines force viruses to seek ways of “surviving” the vaccine attacks, then stronger, more efficient viruses compete against both the next vaccine and the natural immune defenses.
      • The adaptive virus represents a potentially too big of a leap in the evolutionary progression for the innate immune systems of some <~~> many <~~> most of those who have remained unvaccinated.
    • NOTE: Whether intentional or coincidental, the global plan (The Great Reset via the World Economic Forum a who’s who of world leaders) toward centralized global governance (TPP / NAFTA on steroids) and transhumanism, which includes depopulation (eugenics), the implementation of CCP type draconian policies and practices is being justified by the CV-19 hysterics.


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