Predictably Random Observations: Episode 8

~~> Why I dont focus on hope and happy…

Although there are people among us who truly believe that either we still have time to reverse course before Nature kicks us off this planet and there are others that sense the end but cling to hope. from what I can tell — and I have been looking and continue to look in the nooks and crannies of all things related to the science and opining related to the status quo, present and future tense — I find myself resonating more with those who have accepted that we are much too far down the slippery slope.

God and/or aliens seem to be the consensus hopes for miracles among those not quite ready to accept doom as a certainty.

So, let’s be realistic in the sense that preparing for an uncertain future will in any event require gathering all sorts of information that will help us make decisions about how to prepare.

It makes more sense to me to prepare for the worse — unless you have a get off the planet suicide pill — no hope that life will go on like it now is beyond 2023? 2030? 2050?

In the worse case scenario — total annihilation — nothing we do, now, will make a difference.

However, in the one less than worse case scenario, RESILIENCE, self-reliance, and resourcefulness must be the goals, just in case you or I or they happen to survive in one of the many pockets spread here and there around the world where life, even if it is much more austere, goes on.

Find the joy in creative preparation and resilience science….

~~> “Life is hard and then you die! Don’t make it harder! “

Here’s an interesting perspective passed along by Ivor Cummins. This TEDX Talk by a Swedish psychiatrist really grabbed me when he talked about The Security Junkie Syndrome.

This so-called epidemic is not about a virus as much as it is an epidemic of fear of our mortality.

And the media and the powers-that-be are preying upon that.

~~> Nothing has changed as everything is changing…

Except for the most tangible proof that everything is not okay — masks and societal disintegration — advertisements, mostly by BigPharma (what a surprise!), military, financial advisors, and all things that make us more vulnerable to disease, especially obesity and diabetes — industrially produced and processed high-carb, bad fat, bad oil foods — are continuing as if all is already returned to normal.

The evidence is clear: we are being trained to eat the very foods and to rely upon the cornucopia of medications designed to suppress the symptoms caused by eating that way.

And the FDA and all public health agencies ignore and deny only one thing, really, vaccines.

I didnt know there is a vaccine for poisonous food.

~~> Food, Food, and Less Food at Higher Prices

Shortages in the global food supply that is being impacted by a wide variety of circumstances not limited to weather has been increasing. All indications are that the shortages will get worse in the near and long term futures.

~~> Wild Camping Restrictions

The first video by Brit Paul Messner refers specifically to a surge in restrictions limiting moving about in the UK backcountry.

Have also been hearing that USA nomads are finding some areas historically open to their relatively primitive lifestyles on BLM land are being closed to them.

The most common reason cited for the shutdowns is litter.

Whatever the reason, how else might the powers-that-be force the rogues, renegades, truthers, mavericks and vaccine-deniers into the corrals?

If your future look perceives some chance of becoming a refugee, which I think is a more accurate description of the so-called “immigrants” piling up at our southern borders

~~> Evolution of Spy Inc.

Recruitment as an Arent We Cool psyops in the face of growing public awareness that the CIA is one of the planet’s most evil anti-democracy organizations.

~~> More COVID-19 as a weapon…

Not only was the USA developing genetically engineered gain-of-function viruses on its own, Fauci used his agency to contract with the Wuhan Lab from where the virus apparently “escaped” to help the research along in China.

Now, Sky Australia has proof that the Chinese Communist Party has been openly training people to develop biological weapons beginning with SARS.

~~> Sebastian Rushworth M.D: Ivermectin Update

“It showed a massive 78% reduction in mortality in patients treated with covid-19. Mortality is the hardest of hard end points, which means it’s the hardest for researchers to manipulate and therefore the least open to bias. Either someone’s dead, or they’re alive. End of story.

‘You would have thought that this strong overall signal of benefit in the midst of a pandemic would have mobilized the powers that be to arrange multiple large randomized trials to confirm these results as quickly as possible, and that the major medical journals would be falling over each other to be the first to publish these studies.”

How many thousands of lives could have been saved and could be saved if not for the refusal to acknowledge the scientific data supporting cheap, accessible and highly effective non-patented drugs like Ivermectin?

Instead of blaming unnecessary deaths on those who refuse to participate in the vaccine lie, we need to look at Fauci, the CDC and WHO as the killers they clearly are.

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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