Predictably Random Observations: Episode 6

~~> Inconvenient Boiling Frog Redux

The Complexities of Covert Abuse. The boiling frog fable tells the story… |  by Peter McCormack | Medium

Somewhere back there now lost in the elastic vagaries of time, I read that Al Gore’s boiling frog analogy was like the Hundredth Monkey: not as true as we wished it was true. Which is to say, really, that there is no evidence to “prove’ either of the scenarios. But the guy with the science cred saying the boiling frog example was absolutely not true did not say that he knew that because he had tried to slow-boil a frog and the frog jumped out of the pan well before it reached the boiling point. I’m not sure how he would know this. What does a frog protest look like? How would a frog leap out of a pan of water without a lilly pad?


I really do believe that this wondering has emerged out of a weird sensation that time has recently begun messing with me. Like going faster and slower at the same time. Going left or right and forward at the same time.

Never in reverse, altho there have been a plethora, perhaps a cornucopia of seemingly random flashbacks to very specific moments with the freedom to jump into consciousness both randomly and tangentially.

Which is pretty much like saying that those old and very very old memories, which used to irritate the hell out of me, are not obviously attached to any equally particular issues that Fate has been feeding me.

Or do those flashbacks feed on me?


So, the frog…

In the context of big and little C collapse, getting a good fix on the point in time at which the accumulation of tipping points unfolding throughout the Gaian Empire will reach the Tipping Point of tipping points — aka critical mass — and Collapse, the process, becomes Collapse, the event …. is elusive, at best.

Clearly, we the humans are in a slow boil, tho I tend to think of it as slow dissolution.

Or an unravelling .~~> a piece of every thread decomposing simultaneously, a process that is so slow compared to our instant gratification timeframes in which we measure the safety of strange new, risky tech vaccines by whether or not we are still alive when we step out the door leaving the vaccine deployment center….

~~> The Slow Kill and The Great Cull

While BigPharma and itz dominate Nature, germ theory acolytes peddle their snake oil antidotes to a genetically engineered, tho never isolated poison spreading as fast as the acolytes can distribute the PCR tests that allegedly determine the presence of the poison so that the vaccine can be doled out like an antidote worth beaucoup money….

No PCR tests, no CV-19…?


And the sickcare systems of the world would continue treating the usual flu season suspects like, well um, flu, pneumonia, and other very CV-19-like symptoms free of the media hysteria and the rush to mandatory, undertested and underregulated vaccines that are designed to do something more than protect us all from SARS-CoV-2 infections.

We are experiencing a social, political and monetary heist that has already by trillions dwarfed the Great Heist 1.0 of 9/11 and the Great Heist 2.0 of 2008 and that is slowly, progressively thinning out the population of least essential humans.

~~> Vaccines are not for the epidemics killing millions each year for the past hundred or so years

Heart disease, cancer, and medical mistreatment are the three biggest “causes” of death in the USA. We also have epidemics of glyphosate disease, suicide, vitamin D deficiency, vaccine disease, obesity, slow-death food poisoning disease, soil death disease, water contamination disease, entertainment disease, electromagnetic ;pollution disease….etc etc.

There are no vaccines for stupid.

~~> QUESTION: What is the relationship between SARS-CoV-2 “variants” and CV-19 vaccines?

For Coincidence Theorists, it is a damn good thing that the vaccines showed up right when the hysteria about variants got underway.

We dont want the vaccines that spread the variants to get too far behind the spread of the “unusual” mutations of the so highly infectious “virus” that fails to add any excess deaths to the usual / normal annual death counts of ALL deaths, do we?

Are the vaccines chasing the virus, or is the virus chasing the vaccines?

~~> Oh yes, the Epidemic of Fear

We all know that governments use fear to manipulate the people they govern, just like Big Government in empire mode uses fear to manipulate people in countries that empires covet.

Panic in the Time of Pandemic - Dr. Christopher Bader sheds some needed  insight on fear and panic in the midst of COVID-19. - The Voice of Wilkinson

CV-19 is, above all, an epidemic of fear that is feeding on the high stakes bet that enough fear could be added to the ambient existential and neurotic fears so that the obedient mass would not only go along with the overthrow of Constitutionally guaranteed rights, they would go so far as to beg government to take away our civil rights, just as they used 9/11-generted fear of terrorism to cow us into yellow ribbons and anti-Muslim hysterics.

Yes, there is still no vaccine for stupid.

~~> Who is They?

That chunk of the human population which holds the most wealth, that in order to hold onto that wealth, must continually add to that wealth and will do so using any and all methods, including destroying the planet / biosphere and who value most humans as resources to be harvested and mined.

Death of a human resource is a business expense that can be subtracted from the taxes they do not pay.

~~> Informed Consent: Ignorance is a short term defense and a long slow death

What one does not know about virus theory, vaccine science and law, terrain theory, CV-19 data manipulation, timely changes in medical terminology (eg “cases”), improperly used and therefore unreliable PCR tests, alternative non-vaccine solutions to CV-19, and censorship might protect one from immediate uncertainties and the Invasion of the Unknown.

However, in the long run, itz a high risk proposition that sickens and kills way more than whatever one is remaining ignorant of.

~~> Meme

You have not been vaccinated by science. You have been hypnotized by too-big-to-fail public relations and marketing

~~> The Double Standard Death Count(s)

If you want to make the CV-19 death count higher than it really is, you count anything within 2 months or more after being receiving a PCR test, disregarding , of course, the inappropriate use of the technology and itz corresponding unreliability when used to identify infectious viruses.

If you want to make CV-19 vaccines appear to be safer than they are you discount and disregard all reports of vaccine adverse effects if they do not occur instantly.

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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