Censorship Kills…lives and friendships

After being told by a “friend” in no uncertain terms that by not getting vaccinated with one of the still not approved experimental CV-19 vaccines that have not been tested on the the usual sacrificial lab animals — all of which died during the thirty-some years of previous attempts to make anti-covid vaccines — I could end up killing somebody…

I was shocked by how, he too, — like my lifelong best friend and at least one of my brothers — had fallen prey to the mainstream, business-driven orthodox propaganda.

Add anger to that emotional exchange when it became clear that the people delivering the jab had not fully informed him of the short and long term dangers of the vaccines….

Or the unanswered questions being asked by scientists all around the world.

A major ethical underpinning of medicine is INFORMED CONSENT but/and it is not being practiced during this rush to global inoculation….

for fear of feeding “vaccine hesitancy”.

Isnt the epidemic of censorship of anybody and everybody who demand the scientific evidence to support the made-up claim that there have been half a million CV-19 deaths in the USA or the push toward mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports… isnt that a big enough red flag to cause anyone thinking person to pause long enough to ask some questions?

When I responded by expressing that I think that I will soon be forced to move out of this apartment complex because of my refusal to be “vaccinated” he scoffed.

“Thatz not going to happen,” he said with another layer of propagandized ignorance of what is unfolding right here in the good old land of the free.

And then it occurred to me that I was witnessing the power of censorship to shape the thinking of people, generally. My friend had no idea that censorship was occurring, because he was only exposed to the official narrative being parroted and promoted by all of the sources within the propaganda bubble.

And he was not inclined to question whether or not there may be any scientific doubts or opposing views.

So, how would he know that he had not been informed before he gave his consent to be one more guinea pig in the biggest, most potentially dangerous medical experiment in the history of mankind.

A medical experiment that makes the NAZI experiments pale in comparison.

Even the use of propaganda to manipulate public opinion about CV-19 is right out of the NAZI playbook.

Tell a lie often enough and it will eventually be perceived as truth.

So, the “truth” based on ignorance is enough to ruin friendships by the way that it undermines trust. Trust that the friend who is supposed to have yer back is in fact yer enemy because they believe the LIE and suddenly trust becomes conditional.

I didn’t believe that North Viet Nam had attacked the US Navy.

I didn’t believe that John Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

I did not believe that 9/11 was a surprise “terrorist” act orchestrated by a guy on dialysis in a cave in the rugged mountains of western Pakistan…. (Was willing to accept this if he had inside the US Govt help.

And I do not believe that CV-19 is anything like the Bill Gates and Anthony Faucis of the world want us to believe.

What I believe is that we are experiencing a very smart marketing campaign that is part of a business plan to capture a specific very very lucrative market — health, disease, and vaccines — as part of a global takeover of the human resource gene pool.

Given the lack of both scientific and organizational discipline in the CV-19 testing and death count statistics…

Given the shifting of definitions of “case” from “infected with symptoms requiring medical care” to a broad broad list of common symptoms that too often displace the usual high deathcount diseases like pneumonia, heart disease, obesity, cancer, emphysema etc etc

Given the general global absence of excess deaths when compared to trends for given populations signifying that even with the aforementioned concerns CV-19, whatever it is, is not so severe that it has caused an unusually excessive death count…

And what I predict, based on what has unfolded so far, is that as the vaccines are rolled out and the damage from those vaccines continues to mount, the contentions of the orthodox narrative will be that new strains of SARS-CoV-2, many <~~> most of them more dangerous will require more, newer vaccines, deployed more often along with stricter control and separation of the vaccinated from the vaccine-free ..

Continued off-and-on lockdowns, required maskings, and continued disruptions to anything in the way of business monopolization….

Oops! Already happening.

WILD CARD ~~> Economy. Tho business-as-usual has continued uninterrupted in advertising (by its nature propaganda) and mass marketing, especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals and buying into the very successful wear masks to save other peoples lives heart-pull tactic, and the crisis creates ops to get rich investment teases… pretty much all indications are that the economy / money / finance is approaching a global upheaval that is being made to fit very well with the idea of virus tracing , vaccine passports, and digital currency as tools for enhanced surveillance and control of the human resource aka serfs and slaves. When?

WILD CARD ~~> Environment. Is Climate Chaos / Change on its way to continued global warming and the disasters predicted by orthodox climate scientists or are we in the turbulent transition between the end of a very long warming period and the beginning of a global cooling period, either of which can and most likely will add to global discombobulations in food supply, immigration, war and disease? No, there is no vaccine for any of these.

WILD CARD ~~> Environment. The non-human food chain is being attacked top to bottom by excessive human behaviors. Soil is being destroyed by industrial food production. Air is being progressively polluted by chemicals and particulates. Plankton is under stress as are the whales that feed on them. Pollinators are being erased from the biosphere. At what point will the degradation / ecocide reach critical mass?

WILD CARD ~~> Education. The collapse of an education system that is mostly irrelevant to surviving the total disruption of everything that the schools have been preparing us for have already largely failed the vast majority of its students. We find ourselves on the verge of societal and planetary collapse largely due to the failures of educational institutions. Much of this has to do with the corporate capitalist capture of the schools being used as a genetic filter that sorts high potential academic achievers as it culls anything less. Has the CV-19 accelerated the collapse of the public education industry?

WILD CARD ~~> Health. The snake-oil science that is germ theory is under siege by terrain theory. The former relies on a myth that we are under constant attack by things out there in our environment. The latter promotes the idea that we are only vulnerable when the impacts of behaviors undermine our body’s innate, natural abilities (immune systems) to adapt to environmental changes and stressors. Given the ongoing impacts of deterioration of our environmental “terrain” on our inner “terrain” and, now, that added impact of the mass application of genetically engineered unnatural bullets on individual immune systems as well as the global collective immune system, millions of deaths and demands on our healthcare systems have the potential to dwarf all things CV-19.

WILD CARD ~~> Leadership. I have long argued that we are in the midst of and suffering from a leadership crisis. We have people ill-prepared for the challenges of governing a democracy overrun by monopoly capitalists hiding behind the free market lie… who are in charge of a democracy captured by capitalists who see governments as revenue sources. The crisis is global, as well. The last person who seemed to have the guts and intellect to try to govern astutely was JFK and we all know what kind of wall he drove into. Ditto for MLK, RFK, and a host of others. So, who of the underprepared who has sufficient vision and charisma will navigate us through the C-collapse? Odds on a big banker-financier and/or a billionaire capitalist.

WILD CARD ~~> People. Will an evolutionary miracle of the punctuated equilibrium sort come out of nowhere to help us find our personal and collective ways? ETs? Second coming? A sudden evolutionary leap in the collective consciousness? The billionaires die off?

So whatz a body to do? All of this gloomy doomy stuff wears on a bodymind.

How best to position oneself to weather the uncertainty of it all?

When I am most out of my jump ship now mode, I see any and all pursuits of RESILIENCE as best practices. In the midst of the Unknown, when faced with uncertainty, do like penises do when they come into contact with cold water. Like turtles and tortoises do when something aint right. Downsize and detach from any and all external attachments / dependencies as best as can. Small and smaller are resilient endeavors. Do not wait for certainty. Given the nature of the predicament and the host of wildcards, by the time certainty arrives, it will be too late.

Grandpa used to keep his vehicles at no less than half a tank. We just do not know what the nature of the first life-death crises will be. Think Santa Rosa and Paradise in northern California, when the time between fire alert and get out was life-threateningly slim.

If yuve seen any of the pictures or film of refugees and refugee camps, then you must have thought about how those folks would have been better off if they had….? What necessities that will be everybody’s necessities must you always have on hand and ready to move quickly if need be?

Insofar as longer term preparations…first one has to want to survive.

in any scenario, whether status quo or shit hits the fan, urban areas are the most vulnerable to social upheaval and all of its accoutrements. All centralized systems like power , water, and food systems are vulnerable. Hospitals are likely to be overrun for both healthcare and mood drugs.

Finding a small community of people who share a need for preparedness as a foundation for long-term thriving, where food production on small, organic, regenerative nonGMO plots, with a potential willingness and ability to share resources and energies for mutual survival….

And if the opportunity ever presents itself, Fauci and Gates et al need to be tried in a court of law free of any political or economic interferences, for the deaths of millions of people who could have been saved if the controlled narrative had not censored effective and affordable non-patented medications instead of lockdowns to buy time for rushed vaccines.

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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