In the Big Picture, CV-19 is small potatoes

Del Bigtree of Highwire identified my loss of sociopolitical identity when he said that he was politically “unmoored”.  After considering myself a liberal through most of my post-collegiate adult life, even progressive, I find that I am no longer identifying with people who support cancelling others who say inconvenient things — which is to say use inconvenient words – and choose censorship as a good neighbor policy.  

The new illiberalism.

I too am unmoored.

In an unmoored life like mine, sleep and hunger and work arrange themselves to suit themselves, without consulting me.

~~> Kurt Vonnegut <~~

Another brick removed from the edifice in a lifelong identity crisis.

It’s not an especially good feeling.

Just the other day, I came across a statement by some expert in the psych world ~~> “Words kill”. Struck me as the height of irresponsibility and victimhood. I immediately envisioned a modern cold war of words, when the MIC no longer affords its erectiles to blow the shit out of anybody and everybody so flings weaponized words instead.

And with the media’s lust for relevance and importance and celebrity-ism… word weapons are right up their ally. Notice, please, that nowhere in that mini-rant was there anything about the pursuit of truth.

Lately, I find myself two-stepping between monitoring and caring about the daily struggles that we of the not-rich have had imposed on us under the guise of a word-invention that has insinuated itself into our lives. The Covid-19 word invention, complete with a digitally fabricated image of a so-called virus, a virus that nobody has ever seen, even with an electron microscope which media has led us to believe can see anything just this side of infinity, has a chokehold on one layer of me, while another subpersonality perceives CV-19 as a hollywoodish fantasy being used for ulterior purposes.

Purposes that make the pandemic very simply small potatoes.

Should I care enough to focus on trying to find a way to help against the virus?

Or should I care enough to focus on the bigger play that is unfolding while we are being manipulated with the pandemic?

Or, with so little time remaining on this planet, should I just attack my gut biome with ice cream and fried fish, start smoking again, revisit the LSD reality and join in with the post-doom folks who are as close as I have come in my life to feeling like I have finally found some intelligent life on this planet.

Big picture stuff.

Thatz not exactly true.

I have personally known a handful of people with whom I have resonated in really deep ways.

It feels good to share mutual curiosity and understanding with someone especially given the challenge of me who in these later years feels ever more comfortable with socially dissonant tags like “eccentric” and “recluse” and idiosyncratic, all of which get along quite nicely with “heretic”.

Some I have even considered friends along the way.

So, itz becoming ever more challenging to choose a direction in my day-to-day journey within – ya know, I’d really prefer to say “through” – this global maelstrom of madness that seems to be accelerating as it propels us toward some sort of oblivion.

I am about 99.9% certain in my educated belief that the current Nature story unfolding at this moment is not going to end well for most if not all of us.

Perhaps the most challenging of the remaining big questions has to do with the timing ~~> When will finally we fall over the cliff?

When will the process of collapse finally become so personal for those among us who are blinded by attachments to comfort that the catastrophe no longer merely stares us in our eyes, that we are literally stumbling over the effects or completely bowled over by the chaos?

Sometime in the late 60s, I first foresaw the inevitable collapse of the planet when I did the American Dream math, based on severe, disproportionate overconsumption, that was being pursued by much larger populations who had a lot of possessing to do to catch up with us.

Whatz the figure? Something like ~~> the current rate, before 2nd and 3rd world regions catch up = humanity is devouring and despoiling the planet at a rate equivalent to 1.5 planets.


So, the timing.

As China and India become ever more first world nations lifting more and more people out of low-resource-consumption poverty into higher resource consuming middle class, while we in the USA continue consuming about five times the resources per person on average….

It is clear that our shared sensations of time accelerating are, in fact, signals that our river is in a steeper downhill reach marked by turbulent whitewater in the approach to the mother of all waterfalls.

We wont know that we are at the edge until we go over the edge.


Tho I am still leaning slightly in the direction of Global Cooling as the really big hitter in our not too distant future, I firmly believe that the transition between warming and cooling that is underway, right now, when combined with the destruction and destabilization of the global ecosystem, is going to take a heavy toll on things like food supply just as we enter a prolonged cold period that will add dramatically to global food production shortages.

Tho the real heavy-hitting impacts have not emerged in the USA, yet, the both overheating and dryness and wet and cold are unraveling agriculture areas pretty much everywhere on the planet.

And something like a billion people are on the move, trying to relocate to areas where survival is at least somewhat more likely than if they stay in their dying homelands.

In the game of Hot or Cold, there is a wild card?

It may not be simply a matter of moving north or south to escape the hot and dry.

The magnetic poles are on the move toward the equator.

There is historical evidence that Earth does an electromagnetic flip every so often on a geological time scale. Right now, the movement which has already disrupted GPS tracking for air flight, for instance, is accelerating. The south polar relocation is moving faster than north.

Scientific speculation is also accelerating.

What does a magnetic pole shift look like?

Is the timing coincidental to or another aspect of Collapse?

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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