Predictably Random Observations: Episode 4

As a generalist, I discover every day that I am interested in something new. I am curious and really am pulled to see and understand as many sides of any experience, event and/or issue.

Some say it is because I am Pisces which means I am fishy washy. Which is, or used to be, true.

Decisions and decisionmaking were traumatic experiences in the grey zone. With so many perspectives, ambiguity was the rule.

Today, right now, I am, fortunately further evolved. About twenty years ago I embarked on a conscious attempt to live consciously, an intention that pretty much immediately led me into the vast expanse of surrender as a spiritual practice.

Surrender demands what I referred to, then, and still hold at the edge of my consciousness, now, T-trust / capital T trust. T-trust is the or an archetype of trust. Trust in the ultimate sense aka trust in something way bigger than myownself.

Commonly referred to as God, a word that I struggled to get comfortable with for many many many years, in more recent times I think of this infinite whatever-it-is as the Universal Ecosystem aka Nature.

Nature not reserved to Earth <~~> Gaia and infinitely infinite.

Bottom line as I see it is this ~~> The Great Whatever is “intelligent” enough to present me with a life of experiences that in total make sense. In this Perceptual Universe, so galactically large and comprehensive, anything truly is possible.

So, back to the issue of decisionmaking…

In my still evolving surrender practice world there are neither accidents nor mistakes and, subsequently, there are no “wrong” decisions. Trusting in the Wisdom of Nature / God allows the freedom to navigate all perceived needs for decision / choice without the rubbish of guilt or shame.

If I, you, or they can make a different decision — or do anything different or be anything different — we would make a different decision. If we could be better, we would be better.

At any moment, whatever can be is.

With almost 8-bilion perceptions and perspectives at any given time on this planet, each driven by the uniquely personal idiosyncratic evolutionary / developmental journeys into human ripening, freeing oneself of the biased constraints of too much rational / left-brained “thought” is paramount to our making our individual ways as well as our collective ways.

NOTE: A tangent alert is flashing in the back of my mind, begging the question…

So, the point? Thankyou Sherlock.

This and all Episodes in Predictably Random Observations are being challenged by the overwhelming cornucopia of forces converging in accelerating fashion toward what appears to be a moment in the history of human perceived time. There is sooooo much unfolding across all orders of magnitude within reach of my liberating mind.

My first thing in the morning purpose with this webpage and my daily life is to take-in as much information as I can, make judgements about what has the potential to be most informatively impactful in the unfolding collective chaos, to process it minimally, and then interject it into your stream of chaos pondering <~~> navigating consciousness.

And unless I finally grow-up, I will continue to play, play, play, too.

What’s wrong with the “science” of virology? ~~> Pretty much looks like everything? I mean, really. When you take a deep dive into the history of virology, the whole science thing pretty much evaporates. Claims of success based on circumstantial evidence — vaccines eradicated polio, is a good example — while the real truth is inconveniently staring them, us, you in the face. There is a reason why Bill Gates said that he was afraid that the pandemic would be too far along before the vaccines were available ~~> Historically, the epidemics have run their patterned courses and become pandemic / endemic before vaccines have been introduced.

Herd immunity is a bitch ~~> Vaccinators claim that the only way to achieving herd immunity, when even those who cannot tolerate vaccines are protected, is by vaccinating somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of everybody in the herd. Sadly, even in communities with even higher vaccination rates, people still get infected by people who have been vaccinated.


The reality is that every infectious disease “infects” way more people than it kills or makes sick.

The argument for vaccine-induced herd immunity is pretty weak. All based on hypothetical models. And yet, infectious diseases come and infectious diseases go. The best argument insofar as my biased mind is concerned is that herd immunity / community immunity is achieved when the number of infected peeps reaches a point that the wild virus (in contrast to the vaccine virus) cannot find enough not-infected hosts to keep on.

Ironically, alleged vaccine-induced herd immunity seldom takes into consideration all of the people who been infected but are asymptomatic and not vaccinated. And this despite a consensus of evidence (in contrast to opinion) that those whose body’s / immune systems have been infected by wild virus are immune from future contact with the wild virus.

European court rules compulsory vaccinations for children as legal and ‘necessary’ ~~>

Next up? Mandatory abortions <~~> Zero abortions?

And the parents think they are actually protecting their children…without fulfilling the necessary research in order to claim informed consent. Uninformed parents who subject their children to vaccination are negligent as are the medical providers who fail to fully inform their patients.

HINT: If there are any signs of censorship, then some inconvenient truth is being hidden.

HINT: If the vaccine has not been “approved” and is only “authorized” for “emergency — then your children are the lab rats.

HINT: If the purveyors of the experimental vaccines are protected from any and all liability for damages from vaccines, then there are obvious risks that those purveyors know about.

HINT: If the vaccine manufacturers have been convicted of felonies for fraud or any other abuse and fined, and that does not make you question the trustworthiness of the manufacturers, the regulators, and the “educated” doctors, not to mention the vaccines themselves, the you are negligent.

HINT: If you are not aware that vaccinated children have way more needs for medical care in life after vaccine, compared to children who are not vaccinated. Bet yer doc did not tell you about that.

full story here

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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