Predictably Random Observations – Episode 3

Hopium / hopiate ~~>

In the current collapsing global environmental context, some of the post-doomers who I have been virtually observing and being impacted by consider hope an opiate. DING! That seems to be true when it comes to both global extinction and vaccines. The drug pushers are purveyors of fear — the poison — and hope — the heroin.

In the context of fear, hope is an antidote. The catalyst for this drug is something that makes sense. Once the masses get their hope-fix, they cease considering alternatives, such as scientific evidence or facts or truth. These menaces represent uncertainty

2050 ~~> Happened upon a scripted interview by TED with Bill Gates. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need . Have to say that as much as I think Gates (and his super rich capitalist elites) is a self-serving hypocrite, based on the conversation ( I have not read the book), the over-arching idea of his thinking is right on ~~> In every sector (he’s talking business sectors aka opportunities) on the planet, change needs to happen and it needs to happen quickly.

In businessman terms, the timing goal is based on a calculated cost-benefit risk assessment based on a point in time when the damage from climate change is not at extinction level and the likelihood that all of the political and financial forces that need to come together to preclude extinction can indeed come together. Both of these primary influences on our chances for survival are “high risk”. In Gates’ way of thinking, 2050 is the date when those risks have the best odds of saving us.

One variable, a huge one, has to do with our Western willingness to voluntarily “lower” our standard of living. To him, that is less likely than all of the political forces seeing eye-to-eye. His goal assumes that innovation will elevate the standards of living of everyone everywhere on the planet and that, somehow, billionaire and government-driven technological innovation can and will save the day. Everything industrial, from food to steel to concrete to heat and transportation must and will be totally greenified by 2050.

Notably missing in the conversation was any mention of Gates’ previously stated interest in population, as if the numbers can and will keep rising and because of technological innovation that’s okay.

He did offer ~~> “I haven’t completely stopped eating meat, but I’ll get there.”

You can watch the interview here.

Extinction Catharsis ~~>

Vegan / Vegetarian future? ~~> Been wondering for a sometime, now, whether or not the advent of veganism is an evolutionary development in the DNA of some segments of the human population. Kind of like shifting from Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens. And if so, will we omnivores gradually become extinct while the vegans become the dominant representative of a techno-world?

Another question has to do with food production and self-reliance and self-sufficiency: How much land does it take to provide the amount and types of foods that a vegan needs to thrive? Can an individual, family or community generate those necessities without relying on genetically engineered fake vegetables?

I don’t know the answers to these questions any more than I know whether carnivores and omnivores can thrive on fake meat.

The moral implications of forcing an end to meat-eating aligns with the “debate” between abortion and anti-abortion. Right to Life vs Pro-Choice.


NOTE: Was looking for an image that would go with this post and discovered the same kind of propagandistic “science’ that pro-vaccine “scientists” use to sell drugs. Scientific research is all about the variables. You can “prove” anything you want by avoiding all inconvenient variables. For instance, if you study the effects of meat on health without distinguishing between grass-fed, grass-finished and CAFO meat, and/or do not control for high processed seed oils (very vegan) your study is junk science aka propaganda. If, for instance, you want to prove that a much less expensive and non-patentable drug such as hydroxychloroquine is too dangerous, then administer the test-drug using lethal doses rather than the dosage and protocols being successfully employed in the field.

Urban, Suburban and Rural ~~>In light of Western governments, such as the USofA, adopting Chinese Communist approaches to public health, in what additional ways might those governments perceive totalitarian management strategies?

Obviously, all governments, whether controlled by the right or left, prefer strong centralized management strategies. Those gangs may say otherwise, but when it comes to anything that might threaten the power of the State to protect itself from all enemies, foreign or domestic, it will centralize the pertinent functions. Mass surveillance comes to mind.

Too-big-to-fail monopoly corporations are by definition both pro-centralization and totalitarian.

Does this mean that the rural lifestyle, oriented much more toward self-reliance and lower-consumption, is doomed? And with billionaires buying up farmland for genetically engineered fake-food ;production, will small farms even be allowed?

A more realistic strategy for dealing with the uncertainties of Collapse, is to get people out of the urban and suburban areas as quickly as possible. Put them in positions to produce food and livelihoods that can sustain themselves, their families and their communities. And where they can get kids out of the oh so irrelevant educating that has largely led us into the predicament we now find ourselves.

At the moment, I am incapable of seeing how the urban areas on this planet can survive let alone thrive as Collapse proceeds while Big$$ devotes itself to centralized, global totalitarian control to assure its profits and aristocratic stature.

Promoting and cultivating resilience in the face of high-probability doom has a much higher chance of saving more people than continuing to dig up and blow up the environment and indigenous / poor people so that bigger and bigger cities and business as usual can survive.

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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