Predictably Random Observations: Episode 1

Clash of the Medical Paradigms ~~> The CV-19 pandemic looks like the germ theory of infectious disease that has been ruled by virologists and virology for beaucoup decades, now, is in a mad dash to, once and for all, monopolize health science by eliminating all things not-germ-theory. The other contender in the race to common sense medical orthodoxy is terrain theory, a more holistic approach to health care and public health that relies on the innate wisdom of the human body as an ally rather than something that needs improving. Germ theory is pretty much ego-centric anti-Nature, whereas terrain theory integrates with Nature and is eco-centric. Pasteur got the germ theory ball rolling and the Rockefeller family, once purveyors of wagon-wheeled emporiums of Snake Oil, saw a good investment opportunity when they saw one so bet the commodification of germ theory which has evolved the the BigPharma we know and love, today.

Why collapse of Industrial Civilization will not be stopped ~~> If Collapse were a soup and we were trying to reverse-engineer it because we had lost the recipe, we would and do find more ingredients than can be identified, so far. Two big ingredients in the soup that can be ascertained are the mass of people who for a variety of reasons prefer to defer to authority without question and who are especially vulnerable to fear. In turn, authority uses fear to manipulate the massive herd in whatever direction will most assure the continued power of that authority. Generally, the masses seem to prefer monarchs and other dictators to make important decisions for them so that they can focus on sustaining their personal comforts.

BigPharma is the biggest drug pusher of all ~~> All those prescribed and over-the-counter drugs empower us to eat and drink whatever we want with minimal concern for health impacts because for just about every health anomaly, the drug pushers have a drug. Vaccines, more than any other drug (opiates are the closest competitor) allow us to relax so that we can continue our guilt-free consumption of the poisoned foods manufactured by the BigPharma-BigAg Cartel operating under the auspices of the the Military Industrial Complex Godfather. If they are anything real, vaccines are, themselves, so much like opiate and antidote. As Bill Gates said, for every dollar spent on developing a vaccine, $20 is returned.

When solutions make sense even when they are bad ~~> All of the indicators of civilization’s collapse suggest that our civilization is well beyond the tipping points and points of no return. and all that remains in the search for certainty is the answer to WHEN? Our perception of time is so skewed to the comparatively brief time that we, as individuals, are on this planet, that the much slower pace of Nature is difficult to gauge. We are, for instance, totally unaware of the speed by which Earth races around the sun. We see 67,000mph as segments of 24 hours and 12 months. So, when we try to measure the natural progression of the rise and fall of our civilization, our estimates of the final day can be 99.999% accurate and still be off by a hundred years. Consequently, nobody knows how close we really really are to the moment the process of collapse finishes running its course. Unless it is helped along by nuclear or asteroid annihilation, nobody really knows what post-doom is going to look like. But there are plenty of people — really rich people — jockeying to assure they are among the few who might survive and doing so by insinuating themselves in a global post-doom narrative designed to preserve the aristocratic gene pool. The Titanic is sinking and, For reasons related to Carrying Capacity, there will not be enough room for most of us in their lifeboats. Lots of people are going to die and the richies are, right now, using CV-19 to position themselves to be the one’s who decide what our futures will look like under their glimmering eyes.

IceAgeFarmer‘s latest take on what is unfolding is bleak but informative. What do publicly available documents reveal about plans to control (or attempt to control) our futures?

Another simultaneously emerging Paradigm Clash ~~> Anthropocentric ego worldview vs. biocentric eco worldview. When paradigm’s clash — when incongruous belief systems collide — cognitive dissonance rules the realm. And, like epidemics, they do not just occur out in the material sphere. The Collective Unconscious / Psyche is first perturbed causing underlying anxieties / stress and turmoil. NOTE: Add to this, the clash and eventual overthrow of the classical cosmological worldview and astrophysics by Electric Universe Theory.

CV-19 is a decoy for the Great Cull ~~> A global authoritarian takeover of planning for the post-doom world is using the alleged “pandemic” to address real concerns about overconsumption and population and global carrying capacity, and doing so in a way that is pointed toward a New Feudalism. The average, rank and file citizenry is being left out of the planning and decision-making process that will ultimately lead us into indentured service in competition in artificial intelligence bots.

CV-19 Vaccines are timebombs ~~> Totally inadequate safety studies of a first of its kind genetic engineering vaccine technology regulated by the people being regulated, and CDC reported evidence that the longer term medical histories of people who have been vaccinated compared to people who have not been vaccinated shows that those vaccinated have way more healthcare issues downstream.

The Power of Plausibility and Diabolical Dystopian Distress? WTF. When something “makes sense” because it seems plausible enough even without any real evidence to support what makes sense, the ultimate outcome will have less to do with whatever makes sense and more to do with how easily accepted it is accepted as true.

The Denial [is killing our children’s future] Paradox~~> Trusting that the same people who are killing us and destroying the planet have our best interests at heart. Hope / wishful thinking is not science. 200,000 deaths each year due to medical mistreatment (iatrogenic disease), billions of dollars in criminal fines paid by the four leading vaccine manufacturers (tho they are all still in business) and blatant government regulatory corruption….

Stop censoring inconvenient science ~~> Fauci’s facts are not facts because he says they are. <~~ Show us the Science

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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