Fissures of Hope in a Post Urban and Suburban World

For those who once followed by FB insinuations, James Howard Kunstler and his Clusterfuck Nation blog are not new. In this conversation with Michael Dowd, JHK provides a glimpse into his concerns and visions of what lies ahead. Among other things, he sees Suburbia as a huge mistake and, along with all things urban, unsustainable.

He, too, believes that small communities, now struggling against the urban onslaught, are the most likely survivors of collapse because of the smaller scale and their community-centered capacity to manage shared survival concerns.

His picture of the future for today’s young people and the jobs / careers that will be available to them is something that begs us to interject into public school practices. From reading and listening to JHK elsewhere I would say that he also believes that Higher Education is also on the verge of irrelevancy.

This e Post Doom Conversations series ironically offers some soothing sharings about the disrupted present leading us into a future that will force us to adapt to a decentralized future. Notably, this conversation was just before the CV-19 feardemic and did not speak to The Great Reset aka global centralization of power and wealth.

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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